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Lean-Agile Transformations at scale.

Agile Lipstick applied to the Industrial Age Pig changes nothing.


When story points are equal to hours, user stories are re-worded tasks, and scaling frameworks are blueprints that help maintain the industrial age hierarchy of an era long by-gone, it is time to revisit your Agile/DevOps strategy. 


The Creative Economy demands change. Your customers demand it.  Organizational Agility requires leaders ready to make the relentless advances necessary to deliver more with less. I can help you make that happen.



The #1 Lesson of Agility:

200+ Agile/DevOps initiatives executed hands-on in 15+ countries over the last 13 years: What did I learn? 


Never underestimate the forces of maintaining the status-quo by applying Agile Lipstick to the Industrial Age pig instead of focusing on delivering higher value faster to the customer.

Lead. Take it up a notch.


Agility is not possible by preserving the top-down, industrial age, plan and control culture that maintains the status-quo.


Agility entails a congruent organizational culture and recognition that Conway's law led to the legacy and monolithic architectures and unpaid technical debt in the first place. 


Adopt DevOps capabilities to foster emergent design that supports Agility bottom-up.  At the same time, utilize the ACoE to change the mindset with Lean Thinking top-down.  Organizational Agility is possible by focusing on both aspects equally.

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