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PMI CDAC (Certified Disciplined Agile Coach)

It's official (sort of). PMI is launching two new Certifications as part of their DA and FLEX acquisitions. 43 instructors worldwide have been trained to conduct these certification workshops in Atlanta, GA in November 2019 with the launch of certification training workshops starting 1. Jan 2020. I am one of them and would be honored to have you be one of the first to obtain the new CDAC credential backed by PMI.

Agile Lipstick applied to the Industrial Age Pig changes nothing.


When story points are  hours, user stories are tasks, and scaling frameworks such as SAFe are your blueprint in one-size-fits all implementations that help maintain your industrial age hierarchy of an era long by-gone, it is time to revisit your Agile/DevOps strategy.  Lean and Agile are not goals. They are potential means to a goal.  Let's start (over) with your goals.


The Creative Economy demands change. Your customers demand it.  Organizational  and Business Agility requires leaders ready to make the relentless advances necessary to deliver more with less. We can help you make that happen.

Welcome to The NO-AGILE-LIPSTICK Zone


200+ Agile/DevOps initiatives executed hands-on in 18+ countries over the last 13 years: What did I learn? 


Never underestimate the forces of maintaining the top-down, industrial age, plan and control culture that maintains the status-quo. Agile Lipstick applied to the Industrial Age pig changes nothing . Focus instead on delivering higher value faster to the customer.

Lead. Take it up a notch.


Agility entails a congruent organizational culture and recognition that Conway's law led to the legacy and monolithic architectures and unpaid technical debt in the first place. 


Adopt DevOps capabilities to foster emergent design that supports Agility bottom-up.  At the same time, utilize the ACoE to change the mindset with Lean Thinking top-down.  Organizational Agility is possible by focusing on both aspects equally.

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Karlheinz "Karl" Muenchow


Karl is a systems engineer by trade, a leader and mentor by passion, and an advanced technology enthusiast by curiosity. From leading missile launch systems and Mechatronics Engineering to creating products and services deemed impossible, my passion has always been to find better ways to innovate, design, and empower teams that ultimately produce the extraordinary.

I helped companies, including Universal Orlando (contract), Randstad, Comcast, GE, Siemens, CNN, Broadridge Financials, CNBC, Cubic Defense Systems, UMPQUA Bank, PepsiCo, Rubbermaid, Lowes, Danger (T-Mobile Sidekick), Panasonic (X-700), and other advanced technology organizations. I trained over 3,000 executives, project managers, and engineering leaders across the globe on organizational agility and emergent systems design and mentored hundreds of high-performance teams.

My Agile experience includes over 200+ Lean-Agile initiatives executed hands-on in 15+ countries as an Agile transformation leader, coach, and trainer. I find the demand for the creative economy fascinating, and I am eager to hear from you.

Drew Clark


Agile Coach, Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant 

Agile Transformation Coach at Universal Orlando Resort, building of an LEAN-Agile Center of Excellence, managing a team of Scrum Masters and Agile Professionals in career growth, continuous adoption of the Agile mindset and delivery methods.

Agile Transformation Consultant in industries such as Banking, Video Games, Insurance, Telecom and Entertainment.  

20+ years career in IT and Software Development.

Mentored over 100 Agile Teams through coaching, training and certification, along with Program and Portfolio-level Agile adoptions. 

Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise implementation consultant as well as a PMI certified PMP and ACP. 

Evangelist for the Agile values and principles as the method of culture-based Enterprise Agile Transformation strategies. His focus is on collaboration and the constant delighting of customers through frequent delivery of Products and Projects. 



SEERENITY is a US-based Lean-Agile Transformation Consultancy providing transformation know-how (Agile Coaches, Mentors, Trainers). Our business management consulting services support clients throughout their digital transformation towards business agility. 

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